Your iPhone now works as a Clipper Card. Here’s how to use it

If you have a habit of losing your Clipper Card — or are just tired of fishing around for it in your purse or pockets — Apple has good news: You can now ride two-dozen Bay Area public transportation systems with a wave of your smartphone.

Officials announced Thursday that they have brought together the Clipper transit pass and Apple Wallet, meaning you’ll be able to pay your fare with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

For Android users, plans are in the works to add Clipper to Google Pay next month.

To get started, open Apple Wallet, click the plus-sign icon in the upper-right corner and select Clipper Card. You’ll need to have an iPhone 8 or newer, or an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer, to use the new payment option.

You can add money to your account through Apple Wallet or by transferring value from a card you already have — but be warned, if you move that money over your physical card will be deactivated.

Then, on your next trip, hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the Clipper reader at your train station, ferry terminal or bus, like you would if it was your card. You won’t need to unlock your device or scroll to the right app, it’ll pay your fare automatically.

Using Apple Wallet will also give you the option to add cash value to your fare card from anywhere, cutting out the need to stop by ticket machines to reload.

Apple has a tutorial for the new payment option on its website.

Of course, if all this doesn’t sound appealing you can just use your regular blue plastic Clipper Card instead of bothering with mobile pay.

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