Heat Wave Forces Bay Area Schools to Cancel Outdoor Activities and Shorten Classes

The scorching heat wave has forced some Bay Area schools to cancel outdoor activities and shorten classes.

While each school district is tackling the relentless heat differently, educators all have a common goal of keeping students safe and in class as long as there are no extended outages.

In San Jose, the Alum Rock Unified School District said it is monitoring the forecast and preparing to send cold water bottles to every site. San Jose Unified School District — the South Bay’s largest district — said it has a strategy in case outages or air conditioning units break down.

“If a part of the building loses air conditioning, we’ll be moving and relocating that class into a different room until we can get the AC repaired,” said Jennifer Maddox, SJUSD’s director of communications and engagement.

The district said outdoor activities will remain limited and any change to physical education or recess will be a case-by-case basis.

“We have 41 schools — some of them have a lot of shady areas, some of them have less,” Maddox said. “So it’s going to be up to the school.”

In cities like Novato, where temperatures are expected to reach triple digits once again on Tuesday, schools are announcing minimum days all week.

Meanwhile, Contra Costa County’s health department issued guidelines for any outdoor sports to be canceled during temperatures above 105 degrees.

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