Most Vulnerable to Be Focus of Federal Boost in COVID-19 Vaccine Supply

Health officials are partnering with the Ritter Center to ensure that the most vulnerable people not yet vaccinated benefit from a boost in vaccines provided by the federal government. 

The county has relied in weeks past on the state for its vaccine supply, but Marin officials said, “that changed this week as significantly more doses were made available directly to local community clinics by the federal government.” 

The partnership with Ritter, a health center in San Rafael, will target several groups considered underserved: residents of public or low-income housing; those experiencing homelessness; migratory or agricultural workers; those with limited English proficiency; people who receive medical care from a local community clinic such as Marin Community Clinics, Ritter Center, Marin City Health and Wellness, or Coastal Health Alliance; those receiving benefits from Medi-Cal, CalWORKs (TANF), CalFresh (SNAP), Women, Infant and Children Services (WIC), or the National School Lunch Program (free or reduced-price meals); and people who live in areas defined by the Healthy Places Index.

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