UMAEE Business University is empowering latino communities through remote education

We all know how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected life as we once knew it. But for immigrants, the crisis has had a disproportionate negative impact in terms of health, job, education, language training among others. 

As a result, UMAEE University has been directing its efforts to help place the latino community back in the labour market by providing an outstanding platform in Spanish where they can find plenty of courses and even obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. 

“The school closures and distance learning measures put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 have placed latino immigrants at a disadvantage in several ways. For us, it was imperative to offer a solution for this community of over 57 million people, by offering high quality education in their native language that provides them with real skills to tackle unemployment.” said Amilcar F. Sala UMAEE’s Director of Business and Expansion Unit. 

UMAEE University has begun to position its training courses and educational careers in Los Angeles, Austin and Atlanta. The school offers multiple graduating classes of Bachelors and Masters degrees. Those careers and courses are offered online, with a business focus and will provide the students with applicable and practical knowledge with official validity records in Mexico. 

“This project is based on the preparation and vision of our teachers and education professionals. For several years we have studied the complex environment in which our Latino brothers try to integrate on a daily basis and we are convinced that we are the best option to help them in their purpose “, emphasizes Roberto Millán, who serves as Institutional Principal and Founder of the prestigious Mexican university.

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