When Is It OK to Visit Someone After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine?

Millions of people across the country are getting vaccinated, but when is it OK to visit someone when you’ve been vaccinated?

Across the nation, 13 million people have now been vaccinated twice, in Santa Clara County alone, close to a quarter of a million people have now had at least one dose.

So people are asking if it will soon be safe to visit someone.

Gandhi said that UCSF says yes, two weeks after people have their shots.

“So we usually say 10 to 14 days after the second dose, you are safe to hang out with vaccinated people,” said Gandhi. “That means without masks and social distancing, small groups of older people being together.”

Doctor Anthony Fauci agrees.

“We can sit down together without a mask, we can give each other a hug, and the answer is gonna be yes with that,” he said.

But as for a vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person, say, a grandparent and grandchild — be careful.

“But for right now we’re saying that you can be with your grandchild but wear a mask when you hug them, because that protects the grandchild,” said Gandhi.

We’re not close to herd immunity yet.

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